What is Google stack? || about Google stack.

What is Google stack?

That's the only thing but an entity stack Google stack is a lot more than just the G's the G files and just using that so let's talk about that now okay these two things don't point anything at your G site it it's not meant for that it's it is great for local because local queries or low competition queries are easy to target with this type of method that's that's why would they we say local doesn't have to be local it's just lower it takes a lot more power alright and if it's if it's not local that's all it we should just say low competition not high competition or medium competition is fine too but let's talk about the stacks all right so really what we're talking about here is this so we have the G all right now that's Google stacks that's your slides your you know the maps all of all of the files that make that up alright and then we are gonna have what we call a siphon page this is an s3 then we have another Amazon alright this is your main page this is generally a Brandon alright this is how we teach it alright so this is a branded Amazon here look pop that back real quick this is generally branded this is how in my opinion they should be set up this is how we teach it all right so this is your s3 this is a siphon page alright we show how to its siphon power out of Amazon Amazon changed things so you couldn't get the power out but we figured it out right so then this is your Amazon generally this is branded or about your business whatever the case is okay then we have another type of page will just say question mark because we don't want that to be just you know we don't want everybody to use it because it's very effective which we hope is fair you know it's just like you know we have flying a web 2 or something that's really really effective and you don't want everybody to go and use it that's this one okay ah s3.

About Google stack:

Then a G site alright now this is where we've been seeing a lot of issues this is one entity stack but we do not recommend only building one and and here's why generally what you want to do is double these up so you have a whole nother set of G's so you build out another s3 another s3 siphon page Amazon the question in a question mark site and then we are gonna say another G site alright so this is G site now this to this this to this this to this this to this now generally how we teach is the very next step is three to five three works really really good and here's why one exact match one branded one naked right three different types of anchor text coming in alright so we hope this is making sense so these are usually your web twos now as you can see second tier second tier here third tier fourth tier right well we go out even farther so this is our w-2s generally we're gonna do three of them now this would be like WordPress you can use anything that's do follow anything that's do followed we generally like a G site in here now the purpose of these is to start adding relevance so if you're talking about if you're doing local affiliate maybe you're going to build a lot of all of the secondary keywords this is what we would stick in here but when we're talking about anchor texts whatever part that's the most powerful so say the syphon page Plus this we would make sure that this is exact match right so one's exact match one's going to be branded coming in here this is branded going in all of this content on this pay all of these is branded we hope that we hope that's making sense all of this is all going to be exact okay all of this will just be naked it's just links okay now this over here is our money site now we only have three anchors coming in it's not a whole bunch of links coming in from all over the place looking sparemy coming from sheets and this and that no three separate links coming from these web twos which are powered now we have this right here we have our stash that's an entity stack plus another stack then we can start talking about power now we have tears we're teared all the way out we have our money sight a second tier a third tier of fourth tier but really we need you to look at these as the saree all right these are really the saree powering up one another like this like ping pong but really we only have these three links coming in to our money site and when we're talking about powering up and we talked about this in the beginning of some sod some didn't that's fine is in my opinion anybody can rank if the budget is high enough but the person who can rank for the lowest is really the guy who wins right because if we'm in competition and that guy's number 2 and he spent you know 20 grand on links and in development if we got there for 3 grand who won even if we'm number 4 number 2 or whatever the case is so that's always been my opinion now when we're talking about links because we're so far out all right and that's not saying that on this second tier we're not sending maybe a little bit more of our powerful pdn links B but out here when we're sending stuff into the bottom of a stack and when we mean the bottom of a stack here is a stack this is the stack this way right not just one G stack and just build out your sheets and your maps and all that stuff and then send all those links to the site no no no no no that's that's not that that's non effective not helpful at all these are buffers that's it that's in my opinion this is how we teach this is just my opinion all right if you've done in another way that's hey but then when we're when we're building into here into the bottom of a stack this is the bottom of a stack because now all it tears out which is here now we can start looking at our GSA's right when you send it in the GSA to the bottom of a stack or into a Google site and you want to send in a million links if you want to send in two million comments if you want to send in 500,000 on a recurring by weekly basis hey sure fine go ahead because it's just gonna buffer it out there you're you're talking about 50 R links we mean they are out.

Google stack

Oblivion you're just using them to power things up now right here if you want to buy your $10 $20 PB ends which are the cheaper ones or maybe you're using a rental maybe you're getting five for 200 a month or something along those lines something like that but out here is your GSA your SE nukes write your comments your you know money robots your SEO Autopilots okay you're those types of links your niche edits whether they're black hat you are safe links your you know any type of link that you can get that is high power that's relatively inexpensive you can use it but it needs to be way out there we've been seeing this is the reason for this blog is the two reasons was setting these up and implementing them properly is key we've been seeing a ton of videos coming out people talking about the G stacks and doing this we just want it to be a public thing because of everybody.
we mean everybody knows what's going on here it needs to be torn out you're building out a stack but it's only one piece it's multiple sites that make up a stack and then you're still tearing them out with your w-2s WordPress because it's the lineup is what's doing it it's like a domino effect going to the money site alright so we think we pretty much nailed that home.

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