New tips for getting more views on YouTube.

New tips for getting more views on YouTube.

Today we want to share with you a quick tip for getting more views on YouTube. So just briefly here we want to show you that discovery digital network found a significant increase in views attributable to captioning as well as proof that captions improve SEO in the first fourteen days after adding closed captions they documented a thirteen point four percent increase in views just by captioning the video so over the course of time you will receive more views so we just want to show you a quick tip that we stumbled upon for video SEO so if you go to a video this is one of our videos that we just did go to edit video you will be met with a selection the quick selection is over here to the left so details analytics editor comments and subtitles so that's what we're looking for subtitles do so watch this so this video does not have closed captions if we go over here to our videos let's just go over here to YouTube here is the video as you can see videos that are closed captioned will have this CC here so as you can see there's no CC now let me show you this very fast way to implement closed captions and you can get a bump in your views over the course of time on YouTube we will click on publisher automatic not the three dots and then what will be brought up is the automatic results so here's what we have found we want to go ahead and share this with you briefly so what we will do is we're going to click on edit alright so we'll click on edit so what we like to do is we like to turn this speed up just because we'd like to implement this as fast as possible here's the quick way this is what we like to do we like to just briefly look for any misspellings which there generally aren't but we also like to say going we like to say Ghana or you know quick abbreviations or slang we like to take out.

Then we look for any type of profanity that may be in there that maybe we was misinterpreted so what we do to do this is we do control F and then we just look for profanities you know run-on sentences say that's a bunch it just is jumbled up and then we'm looking for misspellings we'm not adding punctuation or anything like that because the idea is we want to get the closed captions in there fast easy and quick all right so as you can see we'm not seeing any big changes that need to be made here we'm just doing a quick scan so after we're done with our video SEO here we're going to go to publish edits so once the edits are published sometimes what you'll see here is it's like a little wheel and you want to go ahead and refresh all right and then here's what we need to do what we need to do now is go return back we'll go to our videos and now that we're back on this page we are gonna refresh it and then as you can see now there is published by creator so in order to add custom closed captions all we need to do is we already have what they did we made some quick and brief edits to make it just a little bit better now what we will do is we're going to erase and delete the automatic caption so now we will delete them and now we only have a custom closed caption which only took us moments to create and fix and edit we just looked for really bad anything that was just standing out that was really bad that we could quickly fix we did just to make a better called closed caption so, we could get more views.

So, we can appease the algorithm all right so now that this is done all we will do is we are going to head back over here we are go to refresh the page and just to make sure that everything is solidified make sure that, everything is on point so we see that there's only the one that's a publisher we're gonna head back over here is that video that we just did for this example we will refresh the page and now as you can see here the closed captions have shown up for a 7% overall boost in views on YouTube by performing just some small video SEO so our name is Brinto if you have any questions regarding video SEO. how to get more views on YouTube. YouTube SEO. just SEO content marketing digital marketing Facebook Ads Google.

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