How to get 93 DA do follow backlinks .

How to get 93 DA do follow backlinks .

How to get 93 DA do follow backlinks.

How to get 93 DA  do follow backlinks.

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How to get a do-follow backlink so this blog will cover a way to create and get a do-follow backlink that is authoritative and contextual so this will be a step-by-step tutorial a walkthrough on. How to get a high domain Authority like 93 DA backlink that's contextual so let's not waste any time so first and foremost, of course, you will need a temporary male of some sort unless you want to use your own so for this particular example we're gonna head out to Google and we're just going to put your mail alright and use it now in order to create this link.

You will head to charity dot go, fund now as you can see right here this is DA 93 web site so we are going to go ahead and walk you through the process of creating this do follow backlink and the added bonus is it will be contextual so let's go ahead.And get this backlink now so you will want to start for free that's up in the top right hand corner you will want to go ahead and put your name now keep in mind the names that are here will be displayed on the page all right now the email we're gonna go ahead and put our temporary mail in alright so after you have filled out this key information you'll go ahead and click the sign up and then you will be brought to a particular page that looks like this so you'll want to click we do not work for a nonprofit organization you'll click that what we're gonna do is the campaign name now that is something that you will wanted to add some keywords in because this is going to be the actual title it will also be in the URL so something that's related to your brand business service or new because again this is an authoritative site so there will be in the URL bar whatever you decide to write in this campaign title so for this instance what we are to go ahead and do all right now a campaign goal you could go ahead and choose whatever goal you would like so ,for this example we're just to do hundred doll hairs now inside of the campaign story this is where you will want to write out a relatively long piece you can think of this as a guest post or something along those lines but for this instance we went ahead and I just created this quick little piece here but as you can see right here I'll go ahead and highlight this for us so you can see it we put the ahref equals & then the link so we are just gonna take our article or write-up.

We are go-to ahead and place it into the story so we'll go ahead and making that a little bit larger all right SEO testing group that teaches through testing we went ahead and made our this is bold this and then we added our contextual link type here alrighty so we're gonna go ahead and put next we'll need to add an image so for this particular instance we will go ahead and add an image all right so I went ahead and I added an image so now we will go ahead and skip the selection of the nonprofit we'll go ahead and skip that and what will be created is a link so we are goto here.

We click on it you've created your campaign so we're gonna go ahead and publish this white label SEO fund for this example.Then we're gonna copy this link address all right so after we have copied the address we're gonna go ahead and go to it as you can see it has created in the URL string the title of the fund or the campaign that we're running so that was very important to put in the proper title so we'll go ahead and head to that site now then as you can see here a contextual link with anchor text so, we have our da 93 as you can see now let's highlight the no follows so here's no-follow there's none on the page and we'll highlight the do-follow which is a greenish color and as you can see this is a do-follow the link on a da 93 PA 41 site that's contextual and surrounded by text that is related to your brand business or a service or a niche my name is Chris Palmer if you have any questions about SEO how to get backlinks link building strategies really anything regarding off-page SEO.

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