7 Best type product to Sell in as a Beginner on Amazon! (Selling on Amazon 2020)

7 The best type of product to Sell in as a Beginner on Amazon! (Selling on Amazon 2020)

7 The best type of product to Sell in as a Beginner on Amazon! (Selling on Amazon 2020)

Over the years we've identified two types of struggling Amazon sellers if you think you fit into one of these categories keep watching number one perhaps you're on the fence wondering what it's like to be a successful Amazon seller but are too afraid of losing your own money to take the leap yourself the house ins like you are in the same boat or two perhaps you're already set up established and selling on Amazon but can't seem to scale your business you must have noticed that there is a moment when your sales are stuck at the same level or even go down that is the moment when you should launch a new product to stay ahead of the game if you're one of the above we have a treat for you this Cyber Monday we booted up a MZ scout extension Pro to collect from each performance data to find the top seven profitable Amazon niches to target for your business in 2020 the best part is after watching this video you don't need to guess which products to sell describe an idea find a supplier using extension Pro and skyrocket your Amazon business to success let's see what we have for you today the new iPhone 11 just hit the shelves recently which means consumers will be looking for ways to protect their investment so what better time to be selling iPhone cases expect average sales of 2000 plus units a month what does that mean for you well book sales this time you have a much higher chance to recover your original investment and enjoy higher revenue to keep or invest in other products depending on the case you choose you can expect a monthly revenue of around 28,000 $189 and margins of 70% which means you've picked a winner and can easily cover the costs of your Amazon and shipping fees another advantage is that the quality of the listings currently available are low you'll notice a category in a MZ scout extension pro called listing quality score or lqs for short that gives a score out of 100 to indicate the richness of keywords number of bullet points and description length a product with a low lqs but high demand is definitely worth considering so be sure to monitor the performance of the products with a MZ scout extension probe let's go down the description and try it for free the new movie Wonder Woman 1984 premieres next year expect these red capes to be flying off the shelves the average price in the niche is around $27 making them affordable for sellers who are starting out.

Don't enter us much money you can expect to sell 500 plus units a month on average meaning it's highly likely you'll get a lot of sales particularly as the film's release draws nearer making a profit is easy with Wonder Woman costumes as the price covers the costs of delivery and Amazon's FBA fees speaking of profit you can enjoy a comfortable net margin of 63 percent enough to keep for yourself and reinvest in more products combined with an average monthly revenue of over ten thousand dollars you can hunker the speech at any time also average readings are on the low side so to outsell the competition consider making and selling your own higher quality Wonder Woman outfit worthy of a superhero hanging plant brackets are great for beautifying the home and impressing guests during the upcoming holiday season excited to check out this Nietzsche's potential me too let's jump into it the average price is around thirteen dollars making it an easy product to start with as you don't have to invest too much with such high demand expect monthly sales of around 300 plus units an average monthly revenue of roughly forty five hundred dollars you'll also benefit from a fifty two percent average net margin to cover shipping marketing and amazon expenses competition is low so you'll only be competing with a few Amazon sellers hanging plant brackets have around 80 reviews on average at four stars or above so you'll need some good reviews of your own products to turn viewers into customers what better way to wake up on the colder morning's of the year than with a hot espresso but what can you expect whose little thing you can expect high sales of 400 plus units per month on average its are convenient for home and travel you can enjoy the potential monthly sales revenue of around sixty three hundred dollars most importantly espresso shot glasses have an average net margin of 57 percent which is great as this means you can easily pay Amazon's fees and still have some leftovers to take home or to reinvest in more products there are a few old sellers who have a firm grip on the market with an average of two hundred plus reviews for their own products the four star reviews or above you'll need to put an extra work and get lots of glowing reviews from your own products to compete the good news is listing quality is generally poor for the espresso shot glasses in each so it will take much effort to create a listing that stands out with more and more people looking for home decor accessories this can be a good area to target on Amazon one item that most households may need is clear stair treads stair treads are strips of carpeting designed to sit on each individual step in any stair case with today's aging population and Falls being a serious hazard for older adults fear stair treads could be easy to market this Beach has average monthly sales of 202 which is great as it indicates the niche is moving there are 104 reviews on average which is good as it indicates that there may be combination but it's not that high you could see an average net margin of 64% and up to seven thousand three hundred sixty three dollars in revenue this type of revenue on the margin is really great moreover this niche has a very low saturation score of one which means that there are not many potential sellers who will compete with you act quickly and be sure to add this product to your inventory the average price of products within this niche is around $35 which may mean that you could add the stair treads to your inventory after you've got a little experience selling on Amazon a confer gauge is a great tool that can be used to measure in different places during home improvement projects the contour gauge allows users to measure perfectly and conceive consumers a lot of money in long run by ensuring all measurements are as accurate as possible they tend to be strong and sturdy and very easy to use now let's check what do the numbers say this niche has average monthly sales of 294 which is pretty good the average net margin of the niche is up to 58 percent and the average monthly revenue is more than $5,000 the contour gage niche has an average of 39 reviews which is super low and indicates that there is likely to be less competition for you the average price of the products in this niche is around 17 dollars which is not too high so you can choose this niche to start off your Amazon selling indoor plants can really help brighten up a house but some larger plants can become difficult to move around and you can risk damaging your floor everyone loves to have nice plants without having their floor damaged that's where a plant caddy can be helpful as you can set your plants on top of one and they also allow the plants to be moved around freely there is an average of 400 one monthly sales which is very good and each has up to a 56% net margin and an average monthly revenue of ten thousand five hundred seventy eight dollars which is great isn't it there are around 134 reviews on average in maneet which is very good as it indicates that you don't need hundreds of them to compete with strong sellers the average price of the products is around $25 which may mean it is a product you can add your inventory once you become established enough on Amazon now you know exactly which needs to target for your Amazon business in 2020 we've only covered seven of them in this video using the extension pro but there are thousands of more niches that you could be making money from right now so go down to the video description and click the link to download the amz scout web app to generate your own ideas.

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