Submit your website to the Bing search engine.

Hlw everyone follow along with me as we show you how to submit your website using Bing Webmaster Tools first we're gonna verify your website using the Yoast plugin on wordpress then we're gonna submit your sitemap so that you can start getting indexed and found on bing to submit your website to the search engine Bing you're gonna first have to get it verified through what's known as the Bing Webmaster Tools to get here you can simply do an online search for Bing Webmaster Tools or you can go to Bing calm bored slash toolbox for slash webmaster and from here you're just gonna click simply click sign on now if you don't already have a Microsoft account you're gonna have to set one up now that we're logged into the Bing Webmaster Tools right away front and center you're gonna see this area that says add a site and all you're gonna need to do is either type or paste the URL that you want to submit now keep in mind you want to be very precise if your site is either HTTPS or HTTP now an easy way to find this out is to go to your website and just simply go up to your search bar here and copy that and you're gonna see that it tells you right away if it's HTTPS or HTTP HTTP also you'll want to make sure to include either the www or the nan or you know if it's not WW then you don't need to include that so once you've got that typed in you're going to just click Add then from here it's gonna add us to add a sitemap are essentially the URL to the website sitemap now all a sitemap is is just basically a page on your website that lists out the pages and posts kind of be like a directory for the search engine now an easy way to get this on your site if you're using WordPress is to use a plugin now we recommend you use a plugin such as Yoast SEO which is free it often kind of often times comes pre-installed on your website but you can use anything really to build these sitemaps we'd recommend just using a plug-in so just go to the plugins section of WordPress type in SEO plug-in or type in specifically sitemap and get a plug-in that will specifically build your sitemap for you but in this demo we'm going to show you Yoast just because it's the most commonly used SEO plug-in and it has a built in site map feature so what you're gonna do is you're going to navigate to Yoast which looks like this and you're going to go to features you're gonna scroll down to xml sitemaps now make sure that this feature is on if it's not it won't build your sitemap for you so once it's on all you're gonna need to do is collect this question mark and you're gonna see a link here to see the XML sitemap and if we open that we've now got the sitemap and all we need to do is grab these sitemaps URL and we'm gonna add that now in this case we'm just demoing you basically a fake situation here so we'm gonna put this in and then what you're gonna do is click Add now once here you're gonna have a few options as to how you're gonna verify this site but what the easiest way we'm gonna recommend is scrolling down and simply grabbing this meta tag all this is is the piece of code that you're gonna put inside your website in the header that nobody sees but it's there so that being can verify your ownership of the site so we recommend this method it's really easy especially if you're using the Yoast plugin and all you're gonna do now let's navigate to the webmaster tools tab under the Yoast plug-in underneath webmaster verification you're gonna see a few different search engines and we can verify with all of these you'll notice we already verified with Google but you're gonna just simply place this inside the Bing verification code area and click Save what that's going to do is it's gonna put that code on your website the next thing then you're gonna want to do is navigate back over to Bing and then simply click verify and what's gonna happen is this might take a few minutes but once it recognizes that that code is on your web site it's gonna verify your site and boom your web site is now submitted and your site map as well to bing and you will have a very quicker way of showing up on bing now keep in mind we've noticed with Bing sometimes it takes a few minutes for it to recognize that code on your site another thing you could do is clear the cache on your site just so that being will recognize the code a little bit.

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