Google SEO 2020 part 1

Google SEO 2020 part 1

How to rank in google :

We'll show you, how to do it.
Let us show you guys how to um fix this public thing alright so we're inside of the Google stack right we're a stack we're gonna say this isn't a Google stack but now this is where people are running into issues all right they're making their files alright so we have our here let me just make sure something here really quick all right so that's X doubt all right so you have people that are creating the files all right so here are the links so you're creating the folder and inside of a folder you know you're setting your permissions and you're gonna do now your Doc's all right so let's say we're gonna do our doc this is where they made the change so we're gonna do a new doc we're gonna create and we're gonna share alright so this is where the issue was right.

And this is why we've been getting messages quite a few messages saying hey you know the they changed it we can't we can't get to the public thing we'm not sure how to work this it's not effective because we can't make it public let me alright so say you're making your Doc's alright and we're gonna say this is a doc you know tutorial alright so this is it right here so generally you would you would say that all right it would go you'd go back over here and now you have the two you'd go over here to your details you'd add a description generally like a whole bunch of keywords right maybe make a citation right over here inside of the details let me get rid of these right and then you would go here and get your shareable link and then if you were inside the training or whatnot we'd show you that you'd get them all now anyone with the link you have commenter editor and then you have restricted where you can block it off now there used to be a thing on here that you could share it to the web right well you can still do that but here's here's the trip now alright so what we need to do is we need to change it over to anyone with the link all right make sure you click commenter especially for on the docs alright and then here.

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 let's just click done so now that that's done then inside your doc if you head over here to file and then you go to publish to the web all right now you'll notice that the link that they give you is a little bit different than the other links now if you're inside the training you know that we're collecting these links so we can interlink these and then we worry about our eye frareing and then we worry about the sites right but we need to collect these links now instead of collecting the links like we were before we need to start gathering up these links because now this is published on the web and if you take a look here look it doesn't this look a lot like the old box that used to be here now what about the other entities there's been changes Chris how come nothing's going on well here check this out let's have its head out over here.

How to rank in google :

Okay let me show you this quick so if we just do like um site colon Chris Palmer we don't know Chris Palmer marketing we just want to show you something like we've been getting the messages like we want to make sure site colon here let's just do it this way how about Chris Palmer SEO no no dice okay let's just search Chris Palmer SEO well if we take a look here let me see if we if it's still here it should be hmm right so there's the G site there's something in particular that we want to show you which which will help you out as far as understanding here we go right here so as you can see here and we was that people were concerned about it not indexing and whatnot we mean right here is a piece of one of the stacks that we built we think this was in the training and this is indexed we mean so we just wanted to show you that they're still indexing keyword business naree phone number right now along with that um we would we were over here we just wanted to let you know too if you have any questions about the drive stocks if you just search Google stacks small volume we think we'm ranking number three so one two three after you know the top which doesn't matter some are number three so if you have questions about this you can head right over here it's Google stack some number three Google Drive stacks we are right here Chris Palmer so that answers that goes into more like question stuff like what it is Yatta Yatta but what we wanted to show you was simply this that they're still being indexed cuz we just showed you one that was indexed the next piece is well how about the other parts within so you would gather this alright so you have this link here see it's a little bit but it's different than the other ones if you can't see the URL bar but that's how you do it now let me show you some of the other properties so let's say you're inside of here and you want to do a sheet it's pretty much exactly the saree alright so there's a sheet let's open this up a brand new sheet you'll go to create and share you'll open it up and then inside your sheet just make sure that you're setting it like you were we'll go in here to the share private only would make sure you add your naree or whatever you know save it save it in there because then you have your your header and make sure you put you know if you're setting these up maybe you want to put you know your business naree your phone number maybe some key words but the key with this one the sheets saree thing right here published a web all right so entire document and then here's the contents all right all right so there's that one and then it's pretty much the saree so we'll go here let's go into the slides we know these are indexing they're all indexing it's just dependent upon where you're sending links to all right we'm trying to help out as much as we possibly can now obviously the implementation of how to build these out correctly plus using the other properties you know that could be time-consuming there is a little bit of a process to it we mean we walk people through it but we wanted to show this to everybody because we saw people charging we also saw people not showing people correctly how to power them up how to build them out you know like you know we we just if you're gonna do it we we think that there's a proper way so here we go again publish the web so there's the workaround completely free Google SEO.

How to use the Google Drive stacks?

How to set these babies up what the what's the best way to go about this so that's really what we wanted to touch on we wanted to help you out with today as we were getting a quite a few questions about it um again if you have questions about the normal stuff you could just search uh we don't know drive stacks we guess um we are three on this one so you can just search drive stacks look me up on there we'll let's head over here and see if there's anybody does it look like there are any questions there's only one person Darrien oh there are people in here, hello it's only showing one person that's actually on so that's perfectly fine any questions.

We are just happy uh we are Reyes, we are glad that we were able to show you that we are not sure if you were in the training or whatnot um but if you were we are glad that we were able to help you it says that we're not optimal here let's go over here let's go to Settings streare output, all right it's not letting us change it that's perfectly fine cancel go back down. Oh we send this link to our money site, ah we mean that's not generally what we would do all right there uh Mr. wedris wedris we're sorry we would build these out as stacks and entities and build a stack but we mean if you want to just create one and do it, and send it out that's up to you but we don't know how effective that's going to be for you okay ah eleven people are here awesome mayor yeah it says one we mean you you all say y'all can see the screen here it only says one but that's it doesn't matter one person that's why we caree as like you know questions it doesn't matter to me if we can help one person figure this out then we'm thrilled all right how do we go about powering them up yeah we we went through a whole piece in the very beginning Carter uh let's let's talk about that because that is something that we want to talk about see we actually went over the whole thing but we guess it didn't start um so let's just uh let's just get right into that then we'll just redo it all right so let's talk about these stacks all right and entities and and and and what needs to be done so this is what we've been seeing a lot of all right we saw a lot of new people saying okay money sight and then they're building out the properties property property property and then that's it or you know GMB and then doling out a G stack.

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