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Rankno1 Analytics :

Ebay best seller series We are tap into a niche that we have yet to do and it's the baby product so now the first item that we caree across on eBay was this infant baby seat support protector chair soft car cushion and so on and it's selling for and this item actually here is selling for thirty dollars and six cents when we go and select the type the price changes so this product here is selling for twenty nine dollars si is selling for twenty eight d29 e29 okay so obviously when you change the color the prices change as well here they do offer free shipping and the item location is United States so now we personally don't have much information about these baby seat products so what we did we jumped into Zeki analytics and we actually use the keywords baby sofa support seat now these are the sets that we got for these keywords so we have a sales earning from the last 30 days of one thousand four hundred dollars the average product price of $13 and when we scroll down to the bottom we have this first item that sold thirty-one times in the last 30 days for $11.23 .

eBay best sellers :

Then we have the second item that we found on eBay sold 19 times in the last 30 days for 28 dollars and 76 cents so my next step is to go into Aliexpress and what we did we actually typed an infant baby seat support in the search and we did select the United States for the shipping location now from these products the information that we got was this first product here sold 80 times the second one sold 204 times the third sold ninety five times and when we scroll down to the item that we actually did find it sold two hundred and nine times so when we go ahead and open it up these are the items that we have so the product itself - the coupon discounts is selling for four dollars and ten cents we did select the United States and we get all the colors as we saw on eBay and even more now the shipping price for this item is twelve dollars and eleven cents which is still a lot cheaper than the product selling here for even for some even thirty dollars now me personally this is the first item we found when we was searching for some products to show you guys for this week and we wanted to get more informed about these baby products so what we did we went into Zeke analytics and we went into the category research here we scroll down to the baby category and we just clicked on the baby category and then we went ahead and clicked on search and this will give me the broad statistics of all the baby products that are selling.

We'll get a list of the top selling items so we have a great number of listings as well as sold items and the average product price for baby items is twenty two dollars and fifty two cents and when we go ahead and scroll down to the product list the very first item that's being sold the most is this product here and it's selling for fifteen dollars and forty cents the second item is diapers and then when we scroll down we have this playpen selling for nine dollars and eighty nine cents and then we have this plaster mold that everyone's doing these days and this is actually selling for $34.50 so again we did all of my research checked all this out we'm sure we could find more products to make a great profit on so use all the tools that you have so you're not wasting any great opportunities let's now jump into the profit and conclusion part of this video alright guys so conclusion and profit at the top we have the eBay product selling for twenty eight dollars and seventy six cents total sales 19 and the product niche is baby sofa support seat below that we have the Aliexpress product selling for four dollars and ten cents with the shipping price being twelve dollars and eleven cents bringing the total cost to $16.21 so even though we have the eBay product selling from $30 to $28 let's say we were to sell our Aliexpress product on eBay for $28 - 14 % of eBay and PayPal fees - 30 cents which also fall under the eBay and PayPal fees - our Aliexpress purchase price of $16.21 we get a profit of seven dollars and 57 cents looking for items on Aliexpress that ship from the United States can be tricky product prices might be very low but shipping can sometimes be higher than the actual product price however your responsibility is to calculate the final cost of the product and include the shipping to see if it all fits also consider that you might be charged for sales tags so make sure you have enough profit this product has a high profit and with consistent research you can find more items like this alright guys so that wraps up this ebay best seller series.

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