Bing Podcasts and Pages UPDATE for SEO

Bing SEO update:

We are starting in SEO and digital marketing trends podcast and we are getting into more of that and of course in the future but we are giving you some few things here today one of the things we want to get in and discuss is being and how that's been going you know we gave you guys some information on claiming your beare page as your personal or your business and the things you can do with it and we just wanted to show you a few things on here first if you know you it takes you about five minutes to go and create this account.

You are gonna get approved in about four days and it's gonna pull in all your social feeds and fortune we didn't put Facebook in here to get the test it but we did put in YouTube and Twitter for now and then hopefully we'll have some more things that we can put in later some things that are nice about it is you are going to goods do follow links from this and we know those of you listening to the podcasts are not seeing it right now but you can see that we have a do follow a link to my website on there from a very very high authority domain which is being calm the other thing you'll be able to notice and we can tell you is my profile on being has been seen in being searches the twitter has been seeing fifteen thousand nine hundred times in the last week and my YouTube account has been seen in being searches 1.9 million times yeah you heard that right 1.9 million and basically you need little promotions for your post so for exareple my YouTube videos you can click promote and it will go.

Start showing up and being search results so at this exact moment if you were to go when you were to search being for as an exareple Facebook backlinks and scroll down we would be forth on being right now for maybe that's third yeah yeah we'd be considered for Facebook backlinks so that's pretty badass we'm gonna play with these things a little more you can make it turn up or we think to follow backlinks also shows up basically whatever you put as your title in your YouTube video and once you promote it it's using those keywords to make those things show up we don't know let's just see if it shows up he searched Facebook and not seeing it when you search Facebook right now but who knows there's a lot of different things you can do with this so go excuse me go out and claim that account super super easy the next thing we want to get into is just real briefly telling you about podcasting and how the value that it can have and like we said we'll get into a course later on down the line on the things on how important it is you are gonna see this on the podcast unless you go back and watch the video on YouTube which we'll put a link in there for you to do but let's go let me grab a URL for you we can remember where it is give me just a second we had this pulled up okay found it so as you can see in the video we have taken you to a URL of podcast we can tell you you look on my sheet and we'll tell you what this that URL currently has a dr of 83 and if i go over where it says view website inspect that you do have there's eh ref a do follow link from google i can tell you that i are also getting them from places like apple tune in spotify buzzsprout else stitcher what else there's a few more we Heart Radio Alexa Apple podcast another thing we may mention them they're a bunch of others but pretty pretty easy stuff and we'm gonna tell you how you can take this for lead generation especially and probably even some for affiliate but right now we'm in a testing phase for it. 

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