How to get Adsense approved in just few days

How to get Adsense approved in just a few days

How to get Adsense approved in just few days  we are going to look at the other aspect that is Google Adsense approval which falls under the general tech tips and price so if you are here we say soon , or if you are here because of this video we believe by the end of this video you will find something useful from this video we said we are going to look at how to get Adsense approval in just one day and before you do that you must get this sixteens rights once you get this expense right you are rest assured that your Adsense application will be approved in no time for at first so the first thing is to get a custom domain then the second thing um we'll do is food at least add the three relevant pages the third thing we must also look at is your blog design then the four points is to have at least it's well written articles then there 15 is to make sure you have no any copyrighted images and then the final thing you must do before applying for adsense is to submit your blog on search console so let's look at this is it differs all right who first getting a custom domain a custom domain is a domain dog dots nets and got info so a lot of people goes and apply for Adsense which dokyun such as your domain dogs this kind of domain does not make your blog lose professional so if you are serious about your blog and you want to monetize it with Adsense you should at least consider getting a custom domain it does not cost much to get a custom domain with just 0.99 year dollars you can get a custom domain for just runya from GoDaddy all you need to do is to open Google search the tab GoDaddy on its tank hit on the Enter key you will be brought to this page so once you are here you click on this first first link once you click on this first link taken to the GoDaddy pitch cutter the home page so once you are there you can set for your domain and then you will buy it for just 0.99 US dollars and from here you can go ahead and secrete it on your blog and then apply for assistance once you apply for adsense using these custom domain it can increase the chance of your blog getting approved because Google will know you are really serious about your blogging or your online sites and then they can approve your blog and you start making something from your blog for a difference with their second points we are going to look at this getting the three relevant pages the three relevant pages are they are about as page contact as in that of the privacy policy if you want to come go ahead and add the disclaimer page that's the three relevant page we will recommend forever beginner is dead about s tage want a test page and dottotech see policy so it is just simple and easy to write an about Us page all you need to do is to write a short description about what your blog is all about and then you will also come and write their contact as page with the font a test page you can use a plug-in to create a Contact Us page and then you will integrate it on the page alright so the final one is their privacy policy page the privacy policy page nowadays every blog that is a wordpress blog has been given a custom privacy page by default once you install WordPress on your sites you will get the privacy page being created.All of you need to do some small editing the privacy page and then you are good to go for add friends so the third point we are going to look at is their blog design a lot of people goes to apply for Adsense without considering via blog design most people just create any type of blog without giving it a nice loop and then we apply for Adsense most guests our cells will not approve to this kind of blog even though it is not one of their test rate requirements they at least you must have a well-designed blog for your application to be successful as you take a look at this blog you will see that the blog is well designed so you have to make sure you get a well-designed blog using either a free teare or a custom teare they all you need to do is to make sure the blog is a touchy one if someone happens to land on the blog for the first time he or she will love the blog this blog is created using a fridge and reps generates press teare and some custom.

Then monetize it with Adsense alright friends so their fourth thing we are going to look at is there listen to their well-written articles before you apply for accents you have to make sure you place how it's we're written articles don't copy and paste anything from in your blog just make sure you do a research on the topic you want to write and then you write it in your own ways and then you will get your adsense being approved by our sensitive alright and then there are few things we are going to look at is there or Crytek images a lot of people read job loss and then would go assets and look for images use them idea featured image these things are or carotid images and there's no way Adsense will approve your blog with those kind of images if you need an image to use as a featured image for your blog just add tours to give azaab be calm and then you set for that type of image you want you'll get hundreds of images to use for free no credit is required just download the image when use it on your blog alright friend them there find out to me we are going to look at the submission of your blog on the word search console many people ignore these final steps and then they end up being rejected from the Adsense partnership prograre why did we say this some of the messages or some of the reasons given for disapproval of heart sends application my ad system is their sites not adhere to webmaster policy so before you apply for absence does make sure you submit your site to search console that is Google search console once you submit your site to Google search console make sure your site is been indexed before you apply for accents and also make sure there are no broken linkages for your sites that is if someone click on any of the URL under Google search shouldn't lead the person to aro 404 page in that case we will not approve your blog because they will think your blog is cylinder rushon and also they will know that you are not all that zeros it's your blog so we wanted to do need make sure, you fix all the broken linkages if you've already submitted your side to mobile search console and to me whether your site has been indexed by Google does work in Google search and type sites semicolon your domain comp and then hit on there Enter key all the pages which have been in that back over will be shown to you in the search results and then make sure you go to most of these pages and see that they are not leading anyone to 404 error page for that friends this is that's a video to take you to some of the simple steps to or some of the things you must do who are applying for access we've written a full article on that we will leave a link in the description below you'll click on the link and then you will be taken to this article by the way this is one of my blogs don't rate tag calm you can always follow there and get all the latest tech news and relatives operatives who did tips.

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