Bing vs Google for Ranking SEO

                                        Bing vs Google for Ranking SEO

Get Rank in google & bing Top 10 Page Rankings at Google vs Bing vs Yahoo

Today we are going to show you that ,how we are able to dominate the top search engine rankings for our keywords at Google vs being vs Yahoo to see which one is easier to get the top search engine rankings and the results may very well surprise you let's talk about Google first it is the most popular search engine in the world here's the popularity of Google vs being vs Yahoo in terms of market share worldwide google has a 92 percent market share Bing & Yahoo and everybody else have a measly 8 percent in total market share so being 2.6 Yahoo about 1.9 so which one is actually easy to dominate the top rankings at let's go back to Google and here's one of our keywords article spinner review this is a marketing product it spins or rewrites articles to make it more unique and then the marketer or blogger can use the rewritten content for their website so it's a pretty useful tool and we've made a website right here article spinner and it has the first page ranking at the very top position here for this particular keyword and also the second position ranking is also our website and then we also have our blog also ranked highly right here how to webmaster on this blog results listing here so we have two blog to our blog in this carousel.

The rest are other websites so we dominate the top positions on the first page for this particular keyword at Google and at Bing our website and blogs are nowhere to be found on the first page and let's take a look at Yahoo for the same keyword once again our website is nowhere to be found however our one of our blog can be seen here so this result was actually very surprising since Google is the most popular search engine hence it should be the most competitive everybody is trying to optimize their websites and blogs for Google and yet we find ourself renting the easiest at Google compared with Bing and Yahoo which actually gives very different results compared with Bing as you can see here the this keyword brings up some very very non relevant news articles here nothing relating to article spinner and the results are actually quite different from being even though Yahoo search engine is powered by Bing so it's very weird to see such different results okay let's look at another example this is a YouTube blog that we just published about two days ago for another product review it's called snip rancor so let's see the results at Google compared with Bing and Yahoo so at Google here's our keyword snip rank review and our blog about two days ago it's ranked at the very top here position one on the first page and at being our new blog it's nowhere to be found and Yahoo they don't actually have a blog carousel box like this one our blog is nowhere to be found on the first page so that's pretty weird how we'm able to rank so much easier at Google versus Bing and Yahoo so is Google more competitive yes but is it easier to rank yes and Bing and Yahoo they're very very low percentage market share worldwide but yet it is so difficult to get any kind of high ranking with Bing and Yahoo even with solo competition but okay let's try another example okay this time we'm going to search for one of our older blogs this is back in November 21st 2018 roughly about ten months ago so let's try that Google Here we am at the first page and first position with the blog results here now to webmaster and a Bing let's see so Bing we'm here so it showed our blog along with these others and let's check out Yahoo and our blogs right here so it does seem to pick up blogs that are older so let's do one more last example let's do this one right here instant link indexer review this is back in March 2nd 2014 so roughly 5 years ago and let's see how well this blog is doing today it is still on the top of the search engine at Google right here and at Bing it's also at the top right here five years ago along with all the other 5 years 5 years 5 years 5 years 4 years blogs and Yahoo our blogs right here so we hope this gives you some ideas about how competitive Google is compared with Bing and Yahoo so with Google they tend to favor new where relevant content either website or blogs and also old blogs work as well but for Bing and Yahoo it is way more competitive for new websites or new blogs to get top rankings for Bing and Yahoo so that's our take and overview for search engine rankings for Google Bing and Yahoo we hope this helps.

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