Keyword Research Process For Amazon in 2020

All righty then so now we're going to go on to pretty much probably the most important part of this entire course if you get this wrong then you're pretty much screwed so take some notes and defin up so let's stick with our table tennis example right now let's say we are a retailer of all of these right there major categories on the Left we've got our major competition our huge brands things like Dunlop but we're looking for a higher end market okay so the basic principles of being either first either the best or the cheapest in the market are at play in Amazon all the time okay so let's say we're our primary product is table tennis bats now this is a terrible example because it is such a a sort of price orientated market for the most part but we'll just go with it for now okay what I do to generate keywords its first of all I start like this okay I think about the obvious keyword in this case we'd be thinking about table tennis bats all I personally do is go to a tool called merchant words and type in our primary keyword okay this will give us a number of examples with those three key words in okay.

 what I would recommend doing is doing all of this at once for all your products it will take a long time but it means you won't miss anything, okay so we can also see that table tennis shoes is potentially the most profitable product associated with table tennis okay so we've just found that we should put a lot of our effort into this keyword and as you can see the margins are gonna be a lot better than the bats as well okay and the reviews are a lot lower so this is instantly a lot better product than trying to rank for table tennis bats which are interesting okay we go through and obviously we'd categorize all of this you can download in CSV and we're looking for basically secondary keywords

So here for example we've got rackets spelt in a very specific way now here's another spelling of it and as you can see they both get huge amount of searches each month so we need to ensure that we not only optimize for this one but also the other spelling okay make sure you also put variations of your singular keyword here okay so table tennis is a pretty obvious example but say we have tennis for example if we had tennis related products we would see obviously all they all the normal ones here but we as we came down as we come down we could see things that maybe would actually give us other product ideas so tennis bracelet I don't know have no idea what that is so let's just have a look okay okay so it's some sort of okay so some sort of jewelry related thing no worries so we go through you see table tennis so tennis elbow for example that's obviously not a product but it's a great keyword nonetheless Gow of jewelry okay because we can niche down into braces straps and things like that for this keyword and then we can obviously put tennis elbow in here and refine secondary keywords okay so your primary keyword is going to be the generic one you're looking for here so in our example it would be table tennis bats okay but our niche specific ones would be the ones that have something on the end so bag grip we would optimize for all these okay so case for example things before so start.

I don't know I think that's probably some sort of brand name or fly killer spin so these are all brand names that we could include bidding on in the PPC campaign it's not illegal or anything like that so don't worry about that best is another one all right so we want to appear for best and top and everything so if we type in best table tennis bat for example what do we have we have no nobody bidding here this might be because we're on a we've already searched and they've shown us the ads already but it doesn't look like okay so if we search in an incognito browser it still doesn't look like there's any sponsored results okay so down here we have a couple but with them being at the bottom okay we could pay a lesser amount and bid on the exact match keyword and probably appear at the top okay there's another important thing to remember the all these ones that have under a thousand search volumes you still want to include in your PPC campaigns okay so let's take a better example let's say.

We have a a little a product that is you know competitive but not impossible so I'm gonna do something in class well just because that's interesting so niche okay so if we say say wineglasses for example ,I can pretty much assure you that people will be searching variations of this so let's have a look so 23,000 okay obviously way too high for us to meet down straightaway clastic okay instantly we found a subcategory so let's say we go into plastic wine glasses that maybe it's your product right so this becomes our primary keyword now okay plastic wine glass these are all the same things and now we have stemless so we can add that into the content remember even if it's not it doesn't really matter because what we're looking to do is appear so these all look rubbish what we're looking to do is appear in the sponsored results so people can make the decision okay so if they see your product here even though this for example is not a stemless wine glass in the slightest it might be interesting to people who are also looking for these so if they see it and go and click it of course that's where where that's where we're laughing that's where we really like it and again sponsored results only on the bottom so let's think about some other ones ah this is a really good example so five point five outs really really really important to optimize for all measurements and variations.

So ounce there's another way of okay so down here at 5.50 Z and 5.5 pounds again 18700 to search results if you just put 5.5 hours in you might think you're optimizing for everything but of course you're actually missing out on these huge keywords here and this is assuming you use exact PPC campaigns which is something we'll get onto later on okay so as we go down we can see probably brand names small okay this is another great one remember to put in small large medium tiny all these pre pre keyword phrases and then you can rank for all of them also for kids for adults for parties things like that it's a really good really good idea to get into but once you've put your keyword in here you will get all these ideas so you don't have to try and remember them or manually do them okay so white plastic again colors if you offer different colors optimized for all of those different colors hard soft we've got large what we mentioned before heavy duty again in discern another one disposable so that's just a keyword that pretty much we could get dig deeper into with lid for example without lid holder clear square red blue the colors we mentioned before outdoor you know obviously most people will assume these are going to be used outdoor because you know why would you use them inside except for maybe man pies or something but again included in your content and when I say content I mean for this example just write them down and other minute Excel then we can get on to how to integrate them into a campaign in a second okay so yellow again different colors reusable again big kids gold smaller so you'll find so many tiny little words that will make such a big difference to your conversions later on because we can target individual things with individual product photos and it will just be an instant buying decision for that person they'll see you have good reviews they'll see the product is you know a gold one that they wanted and I've bet there isn't a competitor doing an exact ad for this Fergana keyword so-called plastic glasses as we can see there's no competitor at the top this is in gold right so here it's the best thing they have and it looked pretty ugly as well so okay so as you can see even in the sponsored ads these are just broad match results they're not creating individual ad sets for this and although it would take a lot of time to make sure you have say this image or this image on this image in the sponsored products results it's gonna be converted ich ulis amount and remember once it's done it's done so you only need to set it up once that's the whole system behind everything in Amazon if you set up correctly first time then you'll be fine okay so as you can see these are these aren't even fork in plastic so this is most of the most of this is just a waste of money for these people and I mean not many people are gonna click so they're not gonna waste that much money but just do it do it right from the start okay so let's go down let's have a look at them in more detail so we've got this again not really relevant these are a little bit relevant if we had only gold ones here that would work really really well because people are already searching gold right they know that's what they want so we want to just give them exactly what they want straight away okay so these are probably gonna rank even though they look really tacky and pad they are gonna sell a lot better okay and something that is just not what the person is looking for and that has terrible reviews as well okay we'll get onto that layer so again go through the entire list I recommend going all the way down to stuff that has you know 300 searches because you only need to do it once again remember that so we've got two ounce eight ounce purple colorful fluted and you might even find other products you can launch so for example, we went down here we'd see these glow-in-the-dark ones and maybe we could have a supplier send those it.

Now we have LED plastic champagne glasses you know so people might be searching for champagne glasses instead of wine glasses but because we've got a plastic wine glass here we're not gonna get those results so remember the first step is to find all your primary keywords the second step is to do what we're doing now go through each individual one and make notes on each keyword okay so honestly you should be able to come up with your primary keywords on your own so for example prep plastic wine glass is pretty obvious and anything that's related to those three keywords we can find again here but we have to think about how people would phrase that if they were hadn't searched that exact term so for example ,we might think of reusable reusable champagne flutes okay okay so we've got another primary keyword here reusable flutes so we get that keyword right in there back again okay reusable champagne and I cannot spell for that's why I'm an online person reusable champagne glasses so interestingly more people search the exact match of flutes for other than glasses which is interesting.

We would optimize if we had to make a decision which we don't move it optimized for flutes instead of glasses okay so then we've got three more keywords there just off the top of your head you can also you can also just do this as well and see what so polycarbonate wine glass so we can see what the competitors are doing and usually you just go in and find it so then we've got another another primary keyword and when we do this better than the competition for all of these keywords you can pretty much imagine how profitable layers so obviously we've got disposable we've got party so party wine glasses might be another one I think this is one you'd pretty much find automatically as well although all the variations here so pretty much by the time you've added up all these you'd be looking at over a couple of million searches a month for your products so again instead of ounces you would go with milliliters and if you had a weighted product to remember to go with grams and pounds as well flashing wine glasses all of this tack its if you can find all these keywords you're gonna do it incredibly incredibly well okay okay.

 I wanted to just talk about this really quickly this is a just don't really want to show my ad account two seconds okay so we'd go into the keyword planner I presume everyone has used Google AdWords before if not don't worry all you need to do is put your primary keyword in here so let's say party wine glasses we would not put any location or relevance on at all we'd hit get ideas okay and we would see the results so I'd pause that whilst they sneezed and we can also search by average two monthly results as well average monthly searches even and we can see the difference so remember we talked about earlier champagne glasses versus champagne flutes was a lot higher on Amazon than glasses which is interesting but in Google, this is obviously reversed glassware so again we can use that we could say disposable.

 I should have learned about before building this course supposable glasses and we've got another 40,000 keyword okay and this should take this should take you a long time okay if you do this within sort of ten minutes you haven't really done it right personalized we don't really want to go into personalized if we're going down disposable route so giant disposable maybe okay okay so another one if we're going down the funny route then obviously we can input all those key words but again this is pretty much it now as a review these are the steps to take start by going to Amazon and typing in your primary keyword okay let's say plastic was our primary keyword okay take off every other feature that you can think of okay so would people who want to buy your product potentially type in plastic glass instead of plastic wine glass all right of course so we can go one step earlier and this keyword will likely have a higher search volume okay plastic glasses okay go even a step further as well and think of if somebody would type in something different to plastic so of course we have used disposable this mindless okay.

I will keep it with just glass for now okay let's get rid of that and now we've got all of these again we can find products that we can easily outrank now okay and we can use these for example 660 ml to add into our keywords later on okay so what you're gonna end up with is about twenty to thirty primary keyword things like plastic glass things like plastic champagne flute yeah things like disposable things like reusable all in different formats once you have those twenty you go to this tool here okay you pay whatever it is because you only need to do it once remember if you're looking to launch ten products at once I wouldn't actually recommend that because ranking one at a time and investing heavily in marketing one at a time is really really good for spiking bestseller rank and going from you know zero sales two thousand two thousand three thousand ten thousand sales a month instead of trying to rank five at the same time I'm running out of capital or energy or time or whatever okay so again this is pretty much the way to go do your keyword research first get a list of at least 20 primary keywords if you sell something really really generic you might think that you can't do it but I mean we've been talking about plastic disposable cups in this example which is pretty much as boring and generic as you can get and we found 10 in about 10 minutes so don't worry about if you can't do it and remember here we've even got another one so like Jager Bomb cups that you can automatically do bars love these bars we'll buy these especially with prime if they can't get them from their supplier and they need ones quick margarita shaped glasses just searching through these will give you so many ideas and once we've formatted them remember we can hit attempts and a costs and earn you money automatically once we've done this so it's so important to do it I can't emphasize that enough okay don't fall into their you know thousand ranked site just because you didn't do your keyword research correctly okay obviously.

I'm in the UK but your keywords for American clients will be different remember to include both American and UK variations of the same thing as well so for example you can use the UK tool but they've recently introduced a an extra charge which we don't really need to be honest because most of the keywords will be the same but if you sell solely in the UK then you will need to pick this up okay and yeah that's everything for this so tasks to be completed you need to number one find twenty primary keywords without opening merchant words okay those need to be all completely different from one another okay so disposable glass maybe we go with re-useable wine glass next okay then we go with I don't know the type of plastic used whatever this is called and we go with you know margarita reusable glasses or packs or you know 300 milliliter write down all the variations just write down everything okay and remember the more you have now there will be so much easier later on martini there's another alright don't just use the generic keywords we'll get onto that later but these people will be losing money on sales just because they use internet Acutes and broad matched ok all right.

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