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Amazon SEO || How to rank your products first in amazon || Rankno1.     

Amazon SEO || How to rank your products first in amazon || Rankno1

Amazon SEO consultant calm I wanted to quickly run through a few things because we're getting a lot of questions regarding the changes to amazon and kind of how to rank products inside amazon organic search nowadays ,I just wanted to go over a few things because there's a a lot of misinformation online especially around the discs I product reviews what's the level you know how to rank products inside of the search engine in sort of inside organic search for example obviously ignoring PPC so we're just going to run through a few strategies today and then you can implement these for your own business okay so first I would highly recommend reading this post it's a technical dive that we did into analyzing what thems and a nine algorithm actually is so just as a little bit of background, a nine is what Amazon calls their algorithm it's actually a separate entity that runs alongside Amazon and surprise surprise they bought out a nine and renamed it it's called a nine because there's nine letters after an in algorithms so I mean you know see whatever you want with that the interesting thing that we kind of denoted was that Amazon seems to look a lot like Google was back in about 2010 which is a little bit worrying for a number of sellers because what Google did in the next three or four years was add a lot of quality elements into their algorithm so she was the Google Panda update if you're not familiar with that Google penguin update which took into account not only what was on the website itself or in this case the product listing itself but also what was pointing to that product listing or webpage so with the Google Panda update just to give you a quick example.

I think there's a little information down here they targeted they know to look at content websites in this case Amazon would do the same thing with product listings okay and this is something I can see being added very very soon just because the timelines add up to Google very well with Amazon moving more into quality based algorithm algorithmic changes chance to reviews and discounting spiking bestseller ranked using the old strategies this is something that you really need to keep an eye on because you can't rank products with crappy listings anymore pretty much so on page is a massive part of our process in here and it's something that you really should consider as well okay so we've written about this in extreme detail but there's also another the part which is the Google Penguin update when Google penguin to give you a little bit of a sort of introduction trying to keep this quite concise this blog is an update that Google implemented in April 2012 that targeted backlinks pointing to a specific website so again we are not going to go and explain organic SEO in this blog at all the cause of we are talking about Amazon essentially sites that were pointing or directing a backlink to your specific site okay so say we built a link to this post there was a lot of webspam and low-quality links that were heading to specific web sites and them were still ranking inside Google.

So, Google said look we need to build part of the algorithm the core algorithm and stop this from happening nowadays penguin is not a once a year occurrence it's a real-time part of the algorithm which means you won't be able to rank with low-quality or spammy links and we've seen that in our we're gonna guess your agency anyway the relation to I guess Amazon is implementing this for sales so low-quality sales I mean it's difficult to denote what a low quality the sale actually is but it's quite obvious that giving away a product for free denotes Tammuz and that you're not actually really kind of I guess totally convinced in your own product because giving away hundreds and hundreds of these for free isn't going to actually do anything and most sellers have already seen this as well you won't rank organically doing this anymore we've tweaked the strategy a little bit in our in-house process but it's just something that I thought I'd go over before we talk about ranking Amazon itself so this.

We highly recommend giving it a read the process itself, We are just going to excuse me okay so the process itself is basically two stages first you have on-page optimization so this is back to where we said before where listings if we take laptop Stanford as a keyword listings need to be well built so we ignore that we have looked at these few these are ranking very highly for you know a very profitable keyword if you take a look at whatever you use to analyze competition we still use jungle scale you can see that you're looking at about 36 k2 46k a month in organic sales which is not too bad once these load we can see that it's mainly these elements that need to be improved in most organic listings so if we look here these are very difficult to read and as a resolve is gonna hurt conversions if we look down again there's no enhanced brand content there's not a lot of questions and answers' reviews are quite cool especially when you have images inside the reviews that tend to improve conversions drastically so this is all part of an on-page approach so starting with keyword research going through individually optimizing each part of each listing and then finishing up with competition analysis to see if you can actually rank for that specific product okay so here, for example, they can make some improvements around their readability and copywriting for their bullet points same for the title as well okay so they've got their primary keyword but they don't have any latent semantic indexing terms you know if somebody calls a laptop a computer we want to get the word computer in a title as well the same for this one for example it's a little bit built out we've got some secondary keywords in here and we've got a little bit nicer copywriting throughout there bullet points images look good you always want to have these benefit-driven images as well where the text is aligned with an image talking about a the specific feature of a product so this is why this product works really well and probably makes some good sales as a result and they've also got a bunch of answered questions compared to only nine with this product so that's really good if we have a look at the final example again looks all good but they could definitely improve their imagery because here we're looking at it and even just looking at this part we can see these are quite thin these elements so if they show us a laptop on it we can see that it doesn't go all the way to the edge so if you have a large laptop it might not be the best product for you okay these look not too bad I would have a lot more data-driven approach inside here as well so that's on page most people know how to rank Amazon or how to build out Amazon listings for their own page and especially in our community on pages pretty much taught very very early on whereas if we take a look at the the exponential phase we have to spike bestseller rank using real sales to rank inside Amazon so if a competitor generates say a hundred sales a day for a specific product then we have to outrank or out sales them for that specific day so for example if we make 150 sales a day for an extended period of time usually between 3 and 7 days we will outrank them the problem is we won't be ranking in the organic rankings so we won't make organic sales so we have to invest an external marketing the source is to do this they should always have Amazon sponsored products set up and spending a lot of money up front to get some initial traction but again that's what a lot of people already know so the second part is using things like influencer marketing social media marketing and content marketing even paid advertising as well to a certain degree but condensing the timelines drastically so let's say you had a five thousand dollar AdWords budget to spend to help you rank on Amazon instead of spending that over three months condense that too within about 14 days or seven days if you don't have a a lot of budgets and really spike best seller rank okay because of best seller rank.

When it is tied to real sales will increase organic rankings as a result okay so this is back to the original equation of struggle to make sales you'll struggleto rank in and This is why it's so difficult for people to actually get started and who, I am as an SEO, in general, is so difficult okay as you can see here there's a little spike when it comes to bestseller rank but our the primary one is talking about basically you will use bestseller rank spiking as a metric to improve organic rankings but only when you have real sales coming so if for example, you give away your product a thousand times you might spike the bestseller rank but you're not going to generate real sales and as a result there's no point of doing it so that's just something to remember okay so you can read this article as well it goes into huge detail about why we do the things we do and it should really help people that are kind of on the cusp of cracking Amazon SEO but I haven't quite ranked their product if you go through this in entire detail, it's gonna really kind of gives you an edge over your competitors all right just.

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